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Manuscript Submission Checklist
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Check V in each appropriate □ when you submit manuscript. Please upload this checklist form as a file when you submit manuscript.




A4, 10 point

Line interval 200%

Page number





(the number of page is 1 from the abstract on the 2nd page).


Original article


Organization of manuscript

Page Length

 No more than 15 pages


 Cover (title, authors, first or corresponding author's name, affiliation and address, financial support, research method, number of references, word counts in English abstract)

English Abstract

 Less than 200 words


 Title in English


 Name of Author in English, Affiliation and Address


 Use subtitles of Purpose, Method, Result, and Conclusion


 Key words: Using MeSH key words, no more than 5


 No repetition of what is described in introduction or conclusion


 No more than 30        


 Follow requirements

Table, Figure

 Abbreviations in tables and figures explained below the tables and figures


 Present units of numerical values


 Figures consistent with what is in the text and no typing    errors


 This manuscript has never been published and not under   consideration for publication elsewhere 

If I do not follow the above manuscript preparation guidelines, I approve the refusal of receipt of the manuscript.

First author or corresponding author 

(Name of author and signature omitted)             


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