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Journal of Korean Academy of Child Health Nursing is a peer-reviewed research journal and is devoted to publication of a wide range of research that is based on the philosophy that child health nursing incorporates a family-centered approach.  It provides current information related to health care for sick, or disabled children and their families. The editor invites manuscripts prepared on child health nursing practice, education, and administration.  It is published four times a year, quarterly (January 31, April 30, July 31, October 31).

Manuscript Review Procedures

The Journal of Korean Academy of Child Health Nursing uses a web-based submission and peer review system. All manuscripts should be submitted via Journal of Korean Academy of Child Health Nursing web-site(http://www.childnursing.or.kr/). This system is easy and convenient for both authors and reviewers. It also reduces the time it takes to make a decision on a manuscript by reducing postal and other delays throughout the editorial process. Authors will set up an account through the web-site which will be used to upload files as new submissions.
All correspondence is by e-mail. Your manuscript submission is confirmed by e-mail immediately and your paper enters the editorial process without delay. With your ID and password, you can check the progress of your manuscript at any time by visiting to http://www.childnursing.or.kr/.

Review Process
1) If your manuscript is submitted, the publishing committee checks your qualification and whether your manuscript meets all the requirements of manuscript submission and sends a letter of the receipt of manuscript via e-mail.
2) All papers submitted for publication undergo a double blind peer review by at least two reviewers.
3) All review is processed completely anonymous.
4) Peer review is handled online. The review form and comments are completed online and immediately made available to the Journal Editors.
5) Authors will receive notification of the publication decision, along with copies of the reviews and instruction for revision, if appropriate, approximately 2-3 months after receipts of the submission.
6) Revisions are submitted online within 7-14days with a revision table according to the following style.



before revision

after revision









8) After revision is made, the publishing committee checks whether what was pointed out has been revised faithfully and if a decision to publish is made, they check whether the manuscripts meet the requirements and send the general review to corresponding author. The corresponding author confirms the results and revise manuscript according to the results, and make a final submission through the online manuscript submission system. Notify no publishing is allowed to corresponding author if revision is not properly made.


Lim, Ji Young
Editor, Journal of Korean Academy of Child Health Nursing
222 Yatap-dong, Boondang-gu
Seongnam, Kyunggi-do, Korea 463-712
Department of Nursing, College of Medicine, Pochon Cha University
Tel) +82-31-725-8320
E-mail) limjy62@cha.ac.kr


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