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Greetings to dear members of Korean Academy of Child Health Nursing

Firstly, I would like to say that it is more right to show my appreciation personally to all of you who have selected me as 21st president. Please allow me to apologize and thank you at the same time by paper. Our academy was established in 1971 under the name of “Academy of Obstetrics & Pediatrics” which then changed to “Academy of Maternal and Child Health” in 1980. After that, we stood alone at 1994 as “Korean Academy of Child Health Nursing” and, up to now, we have made the utmost effort to grow and improve the specialty of child health nursing.

I would like to, especially, show my deep appreciation and respect to Young Soo Ha, our 1st president of the academy and all of our seniors. Furthermore, I thank Kap-Chul Cho, previous president, for his hard work. Cho has made an impressive contribution for the growth of our academy, which is worthy of close attention over 2 years. Cho has accomplished 20th commemoration event for reorganization of Korean Academy of Child Health Nursing, establishment of challenge, vision of academy, enactment of code of behavior for members, restructuring home page, readjustment of zone to balance the improvement over regions, overall revision of National Nurse Examination Review in child health nursing to keep up with the orientation of nation examination which went through rearrangement in 2014. And most of all, he has achieved to maintain the evaluation of registering CHNR(Child Health Nursing Research), our academic journal on NRF.

I will thrive on the tasks with restructured board members as well as the advice of member as 21st president, succeeding the achievements and accomplishments of seniors.

  • 1. Learning objectives revision of child health nursing
  • 2. Reinforcement of educational capacity for child health nursing for new scholars who have increased sharply numerically over the past years due to the rise of Nursing educational institutions: Strengthen practical trainings
  • 3. Support and reinforcement of research capacity for future master doctorate
  • 4. Set-up a newly revised home page and improve quality management of CHNR (Child Health Nursing Research). Furthermore, improvement of IF (Impact Factor) and business exchange with global academic society regarding child health nursing.

I will strive to assist to enhance our reputation and improve the education, research and executive ability via tasks given in above. Please, show your most interest and expectation in the future.

I, again, would like to appreciate sincerely to all of the members.

Young-Eun Lee
President of the Korean Academy of Child Health Nursing


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